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Welcome to Gemstones from the Earth, a site to find finished gemstones, pendants, cabochons,men’s necklaces, and rough to make one’s own jewels.

I have a variety of gemstones from Africa-especially eastern Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia from where a lot of good material is currently coming). I get new material regularly. I have good quality cutting rough peridot from the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona (which produces about 85% of all commercially sold peridot rough in the world); lots of Welo opals, including faceted opals (not seen very often), cabochons, and strands of beads (all crystalline and of very fine color); and many new faceted stones and cuttable rough.

Browse through my materials; if you do not see what you are looking for, give me a call (301-325-3171) to find out if I can get it for you.

Tim's rough, finished pieces, and specimens at a recent show. That's Michele in the background.

Tim’s rough, finished pieces, and specimens at a recent show. That’s Michele in the background.

Tim's "creations" (manly jewelry) at a recent show.

Tim’s “creations” (manly jewelry aka Man Shit) at a recent show.